Mac Baren Loose Pipe Tobacco Shopping

Started in 1887 as a family operated Tobacco Company in Svendborg, Denmark. Mac Baren Tobacco has become one of the predominant manufacturers of the best pipe tobacco across the globe today. This was a first Europe originated manufacturer to integrate American blending styles into their product lines. Their offer includes many exclusive American blends crafted with superb quality, and approach of long standing European manufacturers, yet not forgetting about that unique Danish elegance. Mac Baren initiated a revolution in the entire pipe tobacco industry for European and American styles by infusing both in one- creating unknown previously flavors, and aromas. The newest philosophy of the company is a natural pipe tobacco line limiting to very minimum casings and absolutely no top flavorings in the HH line. Loose and tinned pipe tobacco orders minimum is 1100 g total. You are welcome to mix pipe tobacco brands and flavors as desired as long as you meet our minimum order weight.